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Motivational Keynote Speaker in Sydney

Jake Biggs is the leading motivational keynote speaker in Sydney. Jake Biggs as a motivational keynote speakers transcends and empowers your audience as a motivational keynote speaker in Sydney.

Jake Biggs is the best motivational keynote speaker in Sydney, Australia.

Jake's journey to becoming a keynote speaker is unique and has been described by inspirational to all. He developed severe anorexia nervosa at 15 years of age whereby over the course of 10 years, required 20 hospital admissions and he nearly died from bradycardia caused by starvation.

At one time after not having any food for 7 days, he had a heart rate of 25 beats per minute. His doctors feared and told his family that their was a chance that he wasn't going to wake up the next day. He then whilst still severely malnourished from my severe anorexia nervosa, developed a Grade 3 Frontal Lobe Astrocytoma brain tumour.

The brain tumour required urgent brain operating and a 12 week period of intense radiotherapy treatment. During the radiotherapy treatment, he experienced several side effects including extreme lethargy, muscle soreness, poor mental clarity, loss of concentration, confusion and could barely walk he was so exhausted.

Despite then suffering from multiple seizures, he has fully recovered from both of conditions. After recovering from my severe anorexia nervosa and brain tumour, he decided to make it his life goal to learn how food can be used as medicine for the human body. He completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition & Dietitic Medicine), majoring in Sports Nutrition; graduating with DUX Honours in September, 2021.

Jake Biggs works with organisations that want to eliminate employee burnout and turbocharge their team’s energy levels to accelerate productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Learn the secret formula to eliminate employee burnout in any workplace universally and to create teams that have endless amounts of energy in your workplace.

​Jake Biggs's scientifically researched 'The Energy Factor' is a simple, yet powerfully effective methodology to take teams energy levels in any organisation soaring. Today's business world is fast paced, demanding and employee burnout is becoming the norm.

​Having teams that are burnt out is costing your organisation thousands and thousands of dollars in absenteeism, sick leave, presenteeism and staff turnover. Your teams physical and mental health and wellbeing is your golden ticket to reach your short and long term business goals and objectives.

It's time to embed 'The Energy Factor' into your organisation, Jake's keynote is the medicine for your teams to thrive in your workplace and your bottom line to thrive.

"Jake is an outstanding speaker. I highly recommend Jake to any business, company or conference that is seeking a keynote speaker"

Bruce Kluk, Director, Principal Edge Financial Services

“Jake is an excellent presenter, I would highly recommend Jake to any conference, company or business that is looking for a keynote speaker”.

Thomas Delisi, President, Kings Cross Rotary Club

“Jake presented excellently to our audience members. He was informative, engaging and we all loved his keynote. Would highly endorse Jake as an expert keynote speaker”.

Taylor Harrison, Managing Director, Active Seniors

motivational keynote speaker in sydney

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