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"Jake has an inspirational health journey to the speaker he is today, and I would highly recommend Jake to any business, company, conference or event that is looking for a keynote speaker".

Deborah Bilson, CEO & Founder, Health Wellness Fitness Expo

"Jake is an outstanding, engaging and inspirational keynote speaker. I highly recommend Jake to any business, company or conference that is seeking a keynote speaker".

Bruce Kluk, Director, Principal Edge Financial Services

“Jake is an excellent presenter, I would highly recommend Jake to any conference, company or business that is looking for a keynote speaker”.

Thomas Delisi, President, Kings Cross Rotary Club

“Jake is engaging and well presented, and I would happily endorse him for future keynotes with any business, company or conference. Thank you Jake”.

Dwayne Fernandes, Financial Advisor, Principal Edge Financial Services


“Jake presented excellently to our audience members. He was informative, engaging and we all loved his keynote. Would highly endorse Jake as an expert keynote speaker”.

Taylor Harrison, Managing Director, Active Seniors

“A simply excellent and outstanding keynote given by Jake. I would definitely recommend Jake to any business, company or conference that is seeking an expert wellbeing keynote speaker. We were all engaged for the entire time of the presentation. I was absolutely thrilled afterwards. Thanks so much Jake”.

Andrew John, Sales Executive, Ray White Double Bay

“I highly recommend Jake as a keynote speaker. His story is very inspirational and incredible. He is a phenomenal speaker, everyone got so much out of his keynote and looking forward to doing many more in the future”.

Barton Tanner, Founder & Director, Feat Fitness

"Everyone loved Jake's keynote. It was one of the best talks we have ever had. We were all raving about it afterwards and blown away with Jake's speaking skills. We got so much from it. Thanks so much Jake". 

Kate Woods, Sales Associate, Ray White Double Bay

"The entire team really enjoyed Jake's keynote. It was highly informative as well as highly entertaining. He presented really well. Jake was warm, friendly, engaging and highly personable. I would highly recommend Jake to companies, businesses and conferences". 

Dean Wainer, General Manager, Principal Edge Financial Services 

"We left Jake's keynote with a world of information. He is an excellent speaker. I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending him to conferences, businesses and companies looking for an expert keynote speaker". 

Sophie Eaton, Executive Assistant, Ray White Double Bay

"Jake's keynote was delivered at an exceptionally high level. Jake delivered with outstanding detail, confidence and professionalism. I would highly recommend Jake as a keynote speaker".

Cam Jones, Founder & Director, Spark Futbol

"Jake's keynote was simply exceptional. Jake is very professional and a delight to work with. His presenting skills were very impressive. Everyone loved his keynote. Thank you so much Jake". 

Daniel Castello, Founder & Director, DVLX Football Academy

“Thank you so much Jake for a lively, informative and thought provoking keynote presented to our team. I was highly engaged, was very impressed and got so much out of it”.

Lex Goldsmith, Senior Planning Analyst and Compliance Manager, Principal Edge Financial Services

"Jake was a speaker at the first Brave Talks in 2022. He presented with humour and a determination to share his story, despite the fears that often keep us silent around mental health. Jake’s brave decision to share his experience will help reduce the stigma of mental health - a cause is passionate about supporting".
Talya Rabinovitz, Chief Mental Health Officer, Clinical Psychologist, Jewish Care

“Jake is a phenomenal motivational wellbeing keynote speaker. I was so impressed listening to Jake. His wealth of knowledge in burnout prevention is remarkable. I highly recommend Jake to any business, conference, company or event seeking an expert motivational wellbeing keynote speaker".

Fabio Ghiani, Founder, Made Fit

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Jake Biggs

Motivational Wellbeing Speaker

Burnout Prevention Expert

Sydney, Australia

M: +61 435 665 779


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