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Jake Biggs - Motivational Wellbeing Speaker - Sydney

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Jake Biggs - Motivational Wellbeing Keynote Speaker - Professional Photo

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Jake Biggs - Motivational Wellbeing Keynote Speaker - Keynote Photo


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Jake Biggs - Wellbeing Speaker - Motivational Speaker - Motivational Wellbeing Speaker - Sydney

Travel Arrangements

Jake travels from Sydney, Australia. He flies economy in Australia and New Zealand. Further than that, he flies business class.

Jake Biggs - Motivational Wellbeing Keynote Speaker - Sydney

AV Requirements

Jake uses a lapel or headset microphone and brings his own ‘clicker’. He will bring his own USB for presentation slides.

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Jake's MC Speaking Introduction

Today our speaker is: A health and wellbeing expert with an extraordinary health story.


They are here to tell us: The secret formula to beating burnout in any organisation and creating endless amounts of energy to accelerate productivity, efficiency and profitability.


Our speaker was diagnosed with severe anorexia nervosa as a teenager that required 20 hospital admissions over a 10 year period. At one time, with a heart rate of 25 beats per minute his doctors feared that he wouldn’t wake up the next day. Fortunately, he did wake up the next day against all odds. Whilst still battling his anorexia nervosa, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor experiencing multiple epileptic seizures. With his body still in a malnourished state, he required urgent brain surgery and subsequent radiotherapy treatment. After hitting ground zero in his health and wellbeing, he chose to make it his life mission to learn how food can be used as medicine for the human body, becoming a clinical nutritionist. He has now completely transformed his health through nutritional medicine. He inspires, transforms and revolutionises teams with the creation of a evidence based formula to beat burnout in any workplace and create endless amounts of energy in any organisation called 'The Energy Factor'.

Please welcome to the stage: Mr Jake Biggs

Jake Biggs - Motivational Wellbeing Keynote Speaker - Photo

Short Bio

Jake Biggs is a catalytic force driving organisational transformation, specialising in eradicating burnout and perpetually optimising team energy levels through his meticulously crafted methodology, 'The Energy Factor'. With an unwavering commitment to nurturing unparalleled professional wellbeing, Jake's keynote addresses are anchored in his extraordinary journey of conquering severe anorexia nervosa and triumphantly combating brain cancer.


Jake's personal triumphs serve as a poignant backdrop, infusing his keynotes with a unique blend of resilience, tenacity, and a strategic approach to sustaining high performance. As a beacon of inspiration, he not only imparts actionable strategies for enhancing productivity, efficiency and cognitive performance but also underscores the critical importance of cultivating a workplace environment where burnout is systematically addressed and prevented.

Jake's steadfast dedication to ensuring the enduring absence of burnout positions him as a distinguished figure in the realm of corporate wellbeing and burnout prevention. His transformative insights, rooted in both scientific principles and personal experience, make him a sought-after speaker and advisor for organisations seeking lasting positive change. Through 'The Energy Factor'. Jake emerges as a catalyst for fostering thriving workplace cultures and elevating individuals and teams to unprecedented levels of success.

Wellbeing Keynote Speaker - Jake Biggs - Speaker.jpg

Full Bio

Jake Biggs's transformative journey from severe adversity to becoming a distinguished keynote speaker is a testament to the indomitable human spirit, embodying the very essence of hope and resilience. At the tender age of 15, Jake found himself ensnared in the throes of severe anorexia nervosa—a debilitating condition that would persist for a decade, marked by a staggering 20 hospital admissions and a harrowing brush with death. His heart rate plummeted to a perilous 25 beats per minute after enduring five days without any food, leaving medical professionals uncertain about his survival.

In the crucible of this relentless battle, Jake encountered yet another formidable challenge when he was diagnosed with a Grade 3 Frontal Lobe Astrocytoma brain tumor in 2015. Undeterred by this dual onslaught of physical and mental health challenges, Jake displayed unwavering courage as he underwent urgent brain surgery followed by an intense 12-week radiation therapy regimen. Miraculously, he emerged triumphant, fully recovering from both conditions.

Despite grappling with multiple seizures, Jake's indomitable spirit propelled him to pursue a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine) degree. In September 2021, he achieved this milestone with High Distinction honors, solidifying his position as a clinical nutritionist in Sydney, Australia. Now, as a keynote speaker, Jake captivates audiences with his profound insights on beating burnout in any workplace and cultivating boundless energy through his evidence-based approach, 'The Energy Factor'.


His personal journey serves not only as a testament to the power of resilience but also as an inspiration for others to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. Jake doesn't merely recount his story; he imparts actionable strategies for immediate implementation, leaving his audience inspired to embark on their own transformative journeys toward happiness and optimal health. His ability to connect instantly with diverse audiences reflects his authenticity and underscores the universal applicability of his message.


Jake Biggs transcends the role of a mere speaker; he stands as a living testament to the transformative power of hope, perseverance, and the pursuit of one's happiest and healthiest self. His journey resonates as a beacon of light, guiding others toward a path of resilience, wellness, and the realisation of their full potential.

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Jake Biggs - Wellbeing Keynote Speaker - Speaker.jpg

Jake Biggs

Motivational Wellbeing Speaker

Burnout Prevention Expert

Sydney, Australia

M: +61 435 665 779


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