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What Are The Signs Of Employee Burnout?

What are the numerous signs of employee burnout occurring at any workplace universally?

The signs of employee burnout can be obvious to see or can sometimes, not be obvious at all. Although it tends to be quite obvious from an external point of view.

Typically, in a business that has 'burnt out' employees; you are likely to see a team or teams that has one or multiple following signs and symptoms (There are quite a few!):

  1. Exhausted

  2. Fatigued

  3. Tired

  4. Lethargic

  5. Anxious

  6. Stressed

  7. Depressed

  8. Poor concentration

  9. Easily upset, angered or disturbed.

  10. Recurring sickness

  11. Difficulty sleeping

  12. Constant yawning at work

  13. Lack of laughter in the workplace

  14. Feelings of alienation in the workplace

  15. Hopelessness

  16. Devoid of motivation

  17. Sense of failure and self-doubt

  18. Detachment

  19. Decreased satisfaction and sense of accomplishment

  20. Low productivity

  21. Low self esteem

  22. Frequent headaches or migraines

  23. Poor immune system

  24. Change in appetite.

  25. Withdrawing from responsibilities

  26. Isolating from others

  27. Procrastination

  28. Skipping work or coming in late as well as leaving early

  29. Increased sick leave

  30. Increased absenteeism

  31. Social isolation

  32. Not meeting key performance indicators

  33. Work output being of poor quality

  34. Work deadlines not being met

  35. Lack of communication between colleagues and management

There are many signs of employee burnout at any workplace.

Are you as a business owner seeing any of the above in your workplace?

What are the signs of employee burnout?

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