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Connection Between Unscheduled Days Off and Employee Burnout

What is the exact connection between your employees having unscheduled days off and employee burnout?

What is the cost to your business? The latest research says that Australian employees working at businesses, companies and organisations are taking 8.8 unscheduled days off per year. Although this number might not feel like many to a business owner, 8.8 in the business world is enormous.

Are you as a business owner taking into consideration your employees rates of unscheduled days off per year? Are you trying to work out why this is happening? How to stop this? How much this is eating into my bottom line? Are there any benefits to this? Well, there certainly isn't any benefits. There are only enormous consequences for your business. You must rectify this or you will have dire consequences for your short and long term business goals and objectives.

Your employees unscheduled days off per year are costing you $5086.40 per employee on a yearly basis.

You work out how many employees you have and you do the mathematics and calculations. This is something that you as a business owner must rectify. Not something to put at the back of the priorities. It's something you have to put right at the front. If you don't put it on your urgent priority list to attend to, your business will continue to bleed unnecessary expenses.

Are you noticing your employees having more unscheduled days off per year? This could be a clear sign of employee burnout at your workplace.

Unscheduled days off and employee burnout are interconnected.

It's time to put a stop to unscheduled days off per year for your business. Your employees are the gold in your organisation. If your personnel are taking unscheduled days off per year, this is a red flag. Are your teams unhappy? Are they lethargic? Are they depressed? Are they overly stressed or are they just burnout?

Time is of the essence, don't wait - act now.

Connection Between Unscheduled Days Off and Employee Burnout

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