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The Leading Wellbeing Keynote Speaker in Sydney

The leading wellbeing keynote speaker in Sydney is Jake Biggs. Jake Biggs is an Australian leading wellbeing keynote speaker, located in Sydney, Australia.

Jake Biggs using his scientifically researched 'The Energy Factor' works with organisations that want to eliminate employee burnout and turbocharge their team’s energy levels to accelerate productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Jake Biggs is the leading wellbeing keynote speaker in Sydney, Australia

Jake Biggs's key takeaways from his keynote include:

Jake's evidence based 'The Energy Factor' wellbeing keynote, takes your organisation from being burnt out to energetic. Teams that are lethargic, fatigued, inefficient and demotivated to teams that are turbocharged with energy in your workplace. Your organisation is dependant on having high functioning, healthy, motivated, happy and agile teams. "The Energy Factor" shows your teams how to boost their energy levels, to improve your bottom line.

Keynote Themes & Takeaways:

Your Teams Are Burnt Out

Are you seeing your employees everyday mentally and physically exhausted and you know this is blocking your business goals and objectives? It's time to eliminate burnout in your organisation by helping your teams take charge of their nutrition.

“Want to boost your business, you gotta boost their health”.

Work Performance On A Downward Spiral

Are you seeing your team’s performance declining? Do you know they’re capable of so much more but don't know how to help them rise to new levels? Your team’s nutrition choices and ultimate decisions will either turbocharge their cognitive performance or plummet their work performance. Which one would you like for your teams?

“Want optimal performance? Start with optimal nutrition”.

Absenteeism and Sick Leave On The Rise

Are you noticing that your team’s attendance is down, your people are often sick and staying home from work? Let’s get the energy back into your teams and the profit back into your business by making your employees health and wellbeing a number one priority.

"Start using food as medicine, or very soon you will be using medicine as food".

Mental Health & Wellbeing At Rock Bottom

Are you walking into your offices every day and seeing teams that are anxious, depressed, stressed and exhausted? It is essential to have employees that have their mental health and lifestyle optimised, for peak performance in your workplace.

“Make time for your mental health and wellbeing like your life depends on it, because it actually does”.

Your Teams Are Missing All Their Key Performance Indicators

Are your people consistently not quite reaching their best, never quite reaching their goals and objectives? Studies show boosting physical health and wellbeing can have a massive lift in cognitive performance and brain health.

“A healthy mind can only exist with a healthy body”.

Staff Turnover Accelerated

Are you observing a rapid change in your employees’ organisational environment? You have lost track of your team’s names, as new employees are coming in repeatedly? Management is spending more time training new staff than focusing on their work? Taking care of your team’s health and wellbeing is a proven secret recipe to eliminating staff turnover.

“Want to retain your staff forever, it starts and ends with happy, healthy and stress free teams”.

High Energy Levels Absent In Your Business

Are your teams complaining to you that they are barely getting through the working days? They are exhausted, depleted and drained? It’s time to investigate your team’s sleep habits to create endless amounts of energy in your organisation.

“Want to restore their energy levels, lets replenish their sleep”.

Creativity At An All Time Low

Is your team missing that creative spark? Do you need them to find innovative new solutions, but they keep running at the same slower pace.

"Would you fill your Premium car up with E10 fuel?”.

Team Collaboration Non-Existent

Are you seeing that teamwork in your business is nowhere to be seen? You’re struggling to find how to get your employees working together collaboratively, but you know it just has to happen. Promoting wellbeing activities in your workplace will drive team collaboration to levels never seen before.

“Happiness, laughter and wellbeing, the perfect natural intervention for team harmony”.

wellbeing keynote speaker in sydney

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